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More information:

A Citizens UK group, which will be visited by a facilitator to hold a workshop about lobbying the council to resettle more (or some) refugees. Please join us

The Totnes Citizens UK group is holding a workshop in Ashprington Village Hall on Tuesday 10th November, in the evening – exact times to be confirmed. Citizens UK is a nationwide affiliation of schools, unions, faith groups etc, who lobby Government. In 2010 CUK persuaded all the party leaders, prior to the election, to pledge to end child detention. This became law. This year, prior to the election, CUK tried to persuade all the party leaders to pledge to end indefinite detention, and all of them did except the successful candidate… CUK is now lobbying councils to pledge to resettle refugees. This is a way of putting pressure on Government to increase the number of refugees (specifically from Syria in this campaign) that it is prepared to let into the country. 

We have a small group of eight people at the moment, and need a minimum of fifteen for the CUK facilitator to come down and give a workshop on the 10th. If you would like to join this group, please contact Peter Oswald, bearing in mind that numbers are limited to 20.

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