Kos Kindness Torbay


  • Destitution relief

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We are a local group in the Torbay area that collects donations and has been fund raising for refugees in Kos. Our aim is to only send items needed to Kos in a drip feed system as storage is an issue there. We have some items that we now realise are not cost effective to send to Kos and/or they have too many already and continue to be sent such items directly by individuals. We are now focusing more on fundraising and have alternative ways to send priority items as and when requested. This means we have surplus items that we would very much like to distribute to refugee groups within Devon for example we have surplus nappies and some children s toys / books. We also have some clothing and blankets. We have collected far too many baby clothes. If anyone wishes to have these donations or let me know of groups that would like them I would much appreciate it. All donations have been sorted and quality checked.

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