Megan Williams


  • Well-being & Resilience

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Offering experience, organizational skills and enthusiasm to set up, fundraise and co-ordinate cultural cooking/mealshares for refugee/asylum seeker individuals and families in the area in a community venue where they can meet, cook and socialise with each other and locals. Interested in meeting people with similar inclinations to co-create this.

I have many years past experience working for refugee agencies in Plymouth as a case worker, advocacy co-ordinator and social worker with a strong interest in community based inclusion. I am very interested in exploring ways by which those agencies in Plymouth and Exeter could support voluntary initiatives in Totnes to offer support with official processes/access to medical and social care/language support etc. Offering support in co-ordination .

Interested in organising awareness raising- dialogues between local people and refugees and asylum seekers.

Offering organizational skills and enthusiasm to set up an allotment project for refugees.


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