Alexandra James-Gets


  • Teaching English, Maths. 
  • Cross cultural dialogues,
  •  social events,
  •  befriending. 
  • Orientation to new culture, where to find the things you need!

More information

I am a secondary maths, drama and english teacher with a degree in Linguistics. 

I can help with English language learning, and use this as a vehicle to find new friends within the refugee community. 

I would love to arrange small social events to help people meet each other, in the hopes of fostering new friendships between refugees and local people.

I moved to Devon from South Africa two years ago, and even though England is my homeland and the place I lived until I was 19, I felt massive disorientation and dislocation after being away for 22 years. From this I have huge empathy to offer, and would like to help people to orientate to living in a new land in any way possible. The lifeline for me was just one family who continued to invite us to share in their lives over many many months. From this we have made an amazing number of friends. Above are just the first ideas of useful things to do, but I’m also open to joining in with other initiatives.


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