Ami Lee

Cross cultural dialogue, location explorations,invitations to explore local initiatives, skill sharing, activities with children, language support, activities with women.

I would like to offer meals, befriending (women, young people or whole families), some driving to appointments etc (not too far away), exploration of the area including outings to the moors and sea etc and activities with children.

I live in Buckfastleigh and work both as a singer and as a classroom facilitator for the charity Child Assault Prevention UK which aims to empower children through an understanding of their rights to feel safe, strong and free (my work is mostly with 6 to 11-year-olds). I am passionate about diversity and have done some work for the Devon Interfaith Forum for Youth. I love music so would be really pleased to be able to invite people to cultural/musical events including cultural shares or music and food at my house. I also love nature and would be delighted to help people explore the area. I have a car. I also share a dog who is wonderful with children.

I don’t have any training in teaching English but I’m also happy to give support in this area if I can and with things like filling in forms Etc.

In general I would just like to be able to offer what I can and what seems needed and appropriate to help people to feel supported and welcome, 07787772538