Jane Parsons

our Name: Jane Parsons

Type of help you can offer:: OTHER

Other types of help:: anything you need

More information: Hi. More info – I’m 61, strong, in good health with all my own teeth.
I am by nature outgoing and optimistic and happy.
I am a trained counsellor but a long time ago (Oxford University 1990s) and have not practised for 16 years. But I hope I still have the required skills.
I live near Totnes and have a car.
I’m a good practical cook.
I seem to be able to get teenagers to open up, or at least relax a bit.
I love walking, hiking and outdoor life – I am a gardener and we have dogs.
I was the director of our local am dram group for 15 years.
 Contact: jane_parsons@hotmail.co.uk