George Black

Your Email: Type of help you can offer:: Location explorations Other types of help:: walks, language, history, children, painting, befriending, gardening, nature More information: (this can be very useful): Retired, living in Ashburton, driver Advertisements

Sylvie Gomez

Your Name: Sylvie Gomez Your Email: Type of help you can offer:: Home welcomes & support hospitality Other types of help:: Befriending More information: (this can be very useful): I live near Plymouth and have an extra bedroom for emergency accommodation

Rachel Stewart

Offer: Outings Other types of help:: Activities with men women and children. Donations, welcoming, anything we can really More information: (this can be very useful): My partner and I and would like to help in any way we can.¬† I work full time for a book company and can get some children’s books in English … More Rachel Stewart

Sarah Pike

Type of help you can offer:: Workshops Other types of help:: Befriending and skill sharing More information: (this can be very useful): I am a qualified secondary school teacher of Spanish with experience teaching ESOL and EFL to adults. I live and work in Kingsbridge. I would like to offer my services as a ESOL … More Sarah Pike

Jane Lopresti

Offer: cross-cultural dialogues and explorations. English language tuition, befriending, outings. Contact:

Danielle soper bhat

Offering: Home welcomes & support hospitality esl teaching  More information:  My husband and I are interested to help locally as well as volunteer abroad to support refugees. I am an esl teacher. My husband can offer therapeutic healing through singing bowls and crystals. We can both offer to show people the local area and support … More Danielle soper bhat

Hilary Cannell

Offering:  Activities with children Accommodation  Befriending More information:  Retired but still Registered Independent social worker, had been working in children’s services/ disabled childrens team in Berkshire. I ould offer respite care / accommodation friendship support to adults &children . Willing to offer help with any fund raising ideas and organisations or projects to highlight the … More Hilary Cannell

Trish King

Offering:  Outings Administrative  befriending research home welcomes and hospitality one to one English language help,  More information: I’ve supported and lived with refugees and asylum seekers in community support situations for the past 25 years, including living in Croatia and Central America, I worked for the Refugee Council, and have working experience with adults with … More Trish King


Offering:  Home welcomes & support hospitality Driving activities with children.  Basic language support. Befriending and help with form filling.  Contact:  01803 840016 /

Kerry Greenwood

Offering: Admin support,  English language tuition,   befriending  social networking for women  More information:  I am based in Silverton Exeter. My children attend Steiner Academy Exeter; the parents are all caring souls who I am sure will want to help. I’m uncertain exactly what form of help we can give but I intend to talk to … More Kerry Greenwood

Bridget Coatalen

Offering:  Workshop Befriending More information: I have worked for a number of years as an occupational therapist for the national health. I am now retired and have also a city in guilds in creative basketry. Having said that I love any craft activity and mostly getting people involved as well as learning new activities. The … More Bridget Coatalen

Tina Kennedy

Offering:  Home welcomes & support hospitality English Language Tuition More information: I’d be happy to welcome people here with a meal and orientation support – and generally help to contribute to a sense of well-being; of being welcomed and valued. I’m also a qualified EFL teacher with many years experience teaching refugees in London Contact:  … More Tina Kennedy


Offering: Language culture understanding  Activities  More information:  My husband and I are both from Syria came here 2009 I worked with kids since and my husband is an English student and teacher assistant at Exeter university. We very much would love to help welcoming the new refugees in here. I would love to do children … More Maisaa


Offering: Home welcomes & support hospitality Some Admin support, driving, befriending,  outings, setting up basics More information: I work full time so my time is limited but I am happy to do what I can which is helpful. Contact: 07779003431 /

Su Budge

Offering:  Home welcomes & support hospitality Driving Befriending Outings More information:  I am a local sculptor based in Dartmouth. I have a 13 year old son with whom I enjoy discovering South Hams. I enjoy driving, have a large vehicle that can comfortably carry 5. I will soon be part of the Dartington SPACE programme … More Su Budge

Christy Cruft

Offering: Activities with children Activities with women,  befriending,  driving,  English Language tuition,  fundraising support,  home welcomes and support hospitality,  research Contact:  01803 865870 / 07967645777 /

Pauline Hastings

Offering: Accommodation for 2/3 Home welcomes & support hospitality Befriending Activities with women & children Childcare Destitution relief donation coordination & delivery driving fundraising gardening/nature home welcomes location exploration outings temporary housing  wellbeing and resilience  More information:  We are a mature married couple, teacher and retired educational psychologist, CRB , Central Totnes, offering any support … More Pauline Hastings

Marion Baker

Offering:  Home welcomes & support hospitality  Meals.  Befriending.  English language tuition (although I’m not qualified),  gardening and nature,  local exploration and walks. Contact:  07762709652 /

Alexandra James-Gets

Offering: Teaching English, Maths.  Cross cultural dialogues,  social events,  befriending.  Orientation to new culture, where to find the things you need! More information:  I am a secondary maths, drama and english teacher with a degree in Linguistics.  I can help with English language learning, and use this as a vehicle to find new friends within … More Alexandra James-Gets