George Black

Your Email: Type of help you can offer:: Location explorations Other types of help:: walks, language, history, children, painting, befriending, gardening, nature More information: (this can be very useful): Retired, living in Ashburton, driver Advertisements

Victoria Trow

Type of help you can offer:: Donation co-ordination and/or delivery Other types of help:: I’m happy to do anything useful on an ad hoc basis, driving/delivery, meeting & greeting. More information: (this can be very useful): skills I have: EFL teacher, French language speaker, and a very bad potter. I would be very happy to … More Victoria Trow

Jane Lopresti

Offer: cross-cultural dialogues and explorations. English language tuition, befriending, outings. Contact:

Mona Sophie Kling

Offer:Speech and language therapy, English, befriending, cross cultural dialogue I am a speech and language therapist working with developmental trauma, have a background in theatre, languages, and grew up with people from the Middle East (which gives me some cross-cultural experience). I came to England 3 years ago (from the U.S. I am Austrian/Danish having … More Mona Sophie Kling

Ami Lee

Cross cultural dialogue, location explorations,invitations to explore local initiatives, skill sharing, activities with children, language support, activities with women. I would like to offer meals, befriending (women, young people or whole families), some driving to appointments etc (not too far away), exploration of the area including outings to the moors and sea etc and activities … More Ami Lee


Offering: Language culture understanding  Activities  More information:  My husband and I are both from Syria came here 2009 I worked with kids since and my husband is an English student and teacher assistant at Exeter university. We very much would love to help welcoming the new refugees in here. I would love to do children … More Maisaa

David Hughes

Offering:  Well-being & Resilience  Cross cultural dialogues and explorations More information:  I am the Minister of Paignton Baptist Church and an experienced chaplain in healthcare and other settings. I would be pleased to offer a friendly ear to people of any faith, and of no faith, who would like someone to talk to. I would … More David Hughes

Mags Gainsborough

Offering: Home welcomes & support hospitality gardening/nature, activities with children/women, cross cultural dialogues and exploration More information: I’m a Fifty yr old mother of 3 (19, 10, 6 yr old) I have joined CitizenUK, and I have Syrian friends. Contact: 07549450215 /

Alexandra James-Gets

Offering: Teaching English, Maths.  Cross cultural dialogues,  social events,  befriending.  Orientation to new culture, where to find the things you need! More information:  I am a secondary maths, drama and english teacher with a degree in Linguistics.  I can help with English language learning, and use this as a vehicle to find new friends within … More Alexandra James-Gets

 Jane King

Offering: Cross cultural dialogues and explorations Befriending identifying needs English language training More information:  I have worked with people who are asylum seekers and refugees for around 10 years in Plymouth. I taught ESOL at City College Plymouth, volunteered as a case worker at Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support and set up a Kurdish women’s … More  Jane King

Chrissie Eckersley

Offering: Outings Befriending Activities with women / children All other types of help More information: I have just returned from 2 weeks in Turkey helping with refugee support in Bodrum to homeless refugees who have nothing. I have been really moved by this experience & intend to return regularly to help. I would really like … More Chrissie Eckersley

Paul Mukerji

Offering:  Home welcomes & support hospitality English Teaching More information:  English Teaching: TEFL certificate, and experience of teaching different age groups/nationalities.  Cross cultural dialogue. Have lived/worked in Palestine. Possible temporary/short term accommodation Local orientation/welcome. Activity organising Contact:

Sue Joel

Offering: Cross cultural dialogues and explorations local walks, talks, listening, practical support. More information:   23 years social work experience of working with and legally representing asylum seekers in London. .- many years ago. Contact:  01803 867 958 /

Jane King

Offering:  Cross cultural dialogues and explorations Facilitating workshops icebreaker activities  dance and drama, creative activities More information:  I worked for 10 years with people who were refugees and asylum seekers in Plymouth- teaching ESOL, running weekly drama workshops, setting up a Kurdish women’s group, ,volunteering as a trainee case worker with Devon and Cornwall Refugee … More Jane King

Robina Brand

Offering:  Cross cultural dialogues and explorations More information:  I ran Centres for Vietnamese for Save the Children in the UK for 12 yrs, settled about 3000 people & 130 unaccompanied minors. If we have groups of people here would be able to help set up support in all sorts of ways. particular expertise in setting … More Robina Brand

Mona Nasseri

Offering:  Cross cultural dialogues and explorations  Well-being projects Workshops (e.g. language, nature-related, UK-orientation support) Cross cultural dialogues and explorations – eg stories, gender issues Collaborative researching of history of migrations / refugee welcome Fun activities with children Befriending Help to paint walls or prepare accommodation space More information:   I’m from the Middle East ( Iran) … More Mona Nasseri

Saif Ali

Offering: Well-being & Resilience Therapeutic treatments Outings Cross cultural dialogue and explorations  More information:  I run the Embracing Refugees project, which brings local people, refugees and asylum seekers together under the umbrella of well-being to establish a cultural dialogue and help refugees and asylum seekers to build emotional resilience and overcome social isolation. Website: … More Saif Ali