George Black

Your Email: Type of help you can offer:: Location explorations Other types of help:: walks, language, history, children, painting, befriending, gardening, nature More information: (this can be very useful): Retired, living in Ashburton, driver Advertisements

Pat Shepherd

Type of help you can offer:: Home welcomes & support hospitality Other types of help:: Assistance with welfare and benefits advice, Driving More information: (this can be very useful): I have an extensive work background working with people in stressful and difficult circumstances. I am experienced in logistical work. I am experienced as an adviser … More Pat Shepherd

Charlotte Smith

Offer: therapeutic treatment Local explorations; home welcomes and support hospitality; language learning; driving More information:: We are a local family who would like to help if we can. We have worked and travelled abroad, including in the Middle East , so have some insight into being a stranger in a strange land,. Between us we … More Charlotte Smith

Christine Walpott

I can offer accommodation. I have over 20 years experience of supporting people with learning difficulties.We host many foreign people in our home and I also have a wealth of experience of working with children.I have a 2 year counselling certificate. I have worked¬† as a volunteer at the homeless centre in Totnes and can … More Christine Walpott


Offering:  Home welcomes & support hospitality Driving activities with children.  Basic language support. Befriending and help with form filling.  Contact:  01803 840016 /


Offering: Home welcomes & support hospitality Some Admin support, driving, befriending,  outings, setting up basics More information: I work full time so my time is limited but I am happy to do what I can which is helpful. Contact: 07779003431 /

Su Budge

Offering:  Home welcomes & support hospitality Driving Befriending Outings More information:  I am a local sculptor based in Dartmouth. I have a 13 year old son with whom I enjoy discovering South Hams. I enjoy driving, have a large vehicle that can comfortably carry 5. I will soon be part of the Dartington SPACE programme … More Su Budge

Christy Cruft

Offering: Activities with children Activities with women,  befriending,  driving,  English Language tuition,  fundraising support,  home welcomes and support hospitality,  research Contact:  01803 865870 / 07967645777 /

Pauline Hastings

Offering: Accommodation for 2/3 Home welcomes & support hospitality Befriending Activities with women & children Childcare Destitution relief donation coordination & delivery driving fundraising gardening/nature home welcomes location exploration outings temporary housing  wellbeing and resilience  More information:  We are a mature married couple, teacher and retired educational psychologist, CRB , Central Totnes, offering any support … More Pauline Hastings

Judith Kuri

Offering: Gardening / Nature Driving accompanying to appointments More information:  I am keen to follow up the gardening project we discussed at the Round Table at Dartington 26 Oct. Gardening as a tool for healing. I have volunteered for a short period at Devon & Cornwall Refugee Support in Plymouth. Contact:  07999758219 /

Daisy Adams

Offering:  Home welcomes & support hospitality Driving Volunteering at workshops/events Location exploration,  Fundraising and awareness support accommodation,   researching More information:  I live in North Molton with my husband and parents but we have a spare bed.  I work in exeter. Contact:  07816592685 /

Anne Albrechtsen

Offering: Activities with children Befriending Vulnerable support Fund raising Cross-cultural explorations Driving Food Walks Art More information: I have many transferable skills and very keen on welcoming and supporting asylum seekers/ refugees Have many years experience with vulnerable children and vulnerable adults. ( Including medical knowledge/ working with social services and other Health Care workers) … More Anne Albrechtsen

Cathy Day

Offering:  Outings Decorating,  driving,  gardening/nature,  activities with families or just children. More information: I have 7 years’ experience of giving ‘nature’ holidays to deprived Birmingham city children of 3-9 years. I have an allotment and would be interested in sharing the experience of working with the soil, seeds, plants etc. with those who would like … More Cathy Day

Lisa Tyrrell

Offering: Donation co-ordination and/or delivery Befriending admin type work driving/delivery helping to sort donations Contact :  +447817736230 /

Heather Elliot

Offering: Therapeutic treatment Driving Help with activities Befriending Childcare More information: (this can be very useful): I am trained in indian head massage and reiki.I have a background as a GP but have taken early retirement.I have good listening and communication skills and lots of healthcare experience. Contact:  07425139591 /

Cariad Astles

Offering: Home welcomes & support hospitality befriending childcare support helping women driving volunteering in the refugee camps Contact: