George Black

Your Email: Type of help you can offer:: Location explorations Other types of help:: walks, language, history, children, painting, befriending, gardening, nature More information: (this can be very useful): Retired, living in Ashburton, driver Advertisements

Anna Chrystie

Your Name: Anna Chrystie Your Email: Type of help you can offer:: Outings Other types of help:: Walk, language help, women’s groups

Lindsay Dinan

Your Name: Lindsay Dinan Your Email: Type of help you can offer:: Skill share Other types of help:: English Language tuition/assistance More information: (this can be very useful): Hi, I am a TEFL qualified English teacher. I have been working in France for the last 2 years and am now working part time with … More Lindsay Dinan

Colette Hurley

our Name: Collette Hurley Your Email: Type of help you can offer:: OTHER Other types of help:: Qualiifed, retired teacher of English language(ESOL/TEFL) More information: (this can be very useful): I live in Totnes and can offer 3 hours of English teaching per week. Best days: Monday pm/Tuesday am/Wednesday am/Saturdays(sometimes).

Lise Platt

Your Name: Lise Platt Your Email: Type of help you can offer:: Activities with children Other types of help:: artistic,linguistic , anything , really … More information: (this can be very useful): I am a trained and very experienced teacher ,and have also taught english to foreign students..but i am willing to get involved … More Lise Platt

Sarah Pike

Type of help you can offer:: Workshops Other types of help:: Befriending and skill sharing More information: (this can be very useful): I am a qualified secondary school teacher of Spanish with experience teaching ESOL and EFL to adults. I live and work in Kingsbridge. I would like to offer my services as a ESOL … More Sarah Pike

Jack Paterson

Type of help you can offer:: Skill share Other types of help:: More information: (this can be very useful): I am a qualified TESOL teacher and would be happy to offer English Language tuition. I am based in Totnes but could travel. contact:

Charlotte Smith

Offer: therapeutic treatment Local explorations; home welcomes and support hospitality; language learning; driving More information:: We are a local family who would like to help if we can. We have worked and travelled abroad, including in the Middle East , so have some insight into being a stranger in a strange land,. Between us we … More Charlotte Smith

Jane Lopresti

Offer: cross-cultural dialogues and explorations. English language tuition, befriending, outings. Contact:

Mona Sophie Kling

Offer:Speech and language therapy, English, befriending, cross cultural dialogue I am a speech and language therapist working with developmental trauma, have a background in theatre, languages, and grew up with people from the Middle East (which gives me some cross-cultural experience). I came to England 3 years ago (from the U.S. I am Austrian/Danish having … More Mona Sophie Kling

Nicola Renovich

Offer: Therapeutic treatment I am a practicing Acupuncturist working at The Haven Health Clinic in Ashburton. Happy to offer free treatment to refugees / asylum seekers. I’d also love to run women’s groups and would focus activities around their interests. I have a venue at The Haven in Ashburton. Happy to take people on outings … More Nicola Renovich

Ami Lee

Cross cultural dialogue, location explorations,invitations to explore local initiatives, skill sharing, activities with children, language support, activities with women. I would like to offer meals, befriending (women, young people or whole families), some driving to appointments etc (not too far away), exploration of the area including outings to the moors and sea etc and activities … More Ami Lee

Danielle soper bhat

Offering: Home welcomes & support hospitality esl teaching  More information:  My husband and I are interested to help locally as well as volunteer abroad to support refugees. I am an esl teacher. My husband can offer therapeutic healing through singing bowls and crystals. We can both offer to show people the local area and support … More Danielle soper bhat

Trish King

Offering:  Outings Administrative  befriending research home welcomes and hospitality one to one English language help,  More information: I’ve supported and lived with refugees and asylum seekers in community support situations for the past 25 years, including living in Croatia and Central America, I worked for the Refugee Council, and have working experience with adults with … More Trish King


Offering:  Home welcomes & support hospitality Driving activities with children.  Basic language support. Befriending and help with form filling.  Contact:  01803 840016 /

Kerry Greenwood

Offering: Admin support,  English language tuition,   befriending  social networking for women  More information:  I am based in Silverton Exeter. My children attend Steiner Academy Exeter; the parents are all caring souls who I am sure will want to help. I’m uncertain exactly what form of help we can give but I intend to talk to … More Kerry Greenwood

Roland Hague

Offering: Invitations to explore local initiatives English language tuition and conversation More information: I am learning Arabic and I am a qualified English teacher (CELTA). I lead a social gardening project called the Land Projects Network (and the Squash Co-operative), We take volunteers out on to various land projects around South Devon on Wednesday afternoons … More Roland Hague

Tina Kennedy

Offering:  Home welcomes & support hospitality English Language Tuition More information: I’d be happy to welcome people here with a meal and orientation support – and generally help to contribute to a sense of well-being; of being welcomed and valued. I’m also a qualified EFL teacher with many years experience teaching refugees in London Contact:  … More Tina Kennedy


Offering: Language culture understanding  Activities  More information:  My husband and I are both from Syria came here 2009 I worked with kids since and my husband is an English student and teacher assistant at Exeter university. We very much would love to help welcoming the new refugees in here. I would love to do children … More Maisaa

Christy Cruft

Offering: Activities with children Activities with women,  befriending,  driving,  English Language tuition,  fundraising support,  home welcomes and support hospitality,  research Contact:  01803 865870 / 07967645777 /