Elke Diggle

Your Email: elkekezzia@hotmail.com Type of help you can offer:: Gardening / Nature Other types of help:: fundraising, activities with children More information: (this can be very useful): (email: elkekezzia@hotmail.com) I’m an 18 year old girl, I love children and outdoor work, very keen to help in anyway! Advertisements

George Black

Your Email: georgeblackdevon@gmail.com Type of help you can offer:: Location explorations Other types of help:: walks, language, history, children, painting, befriending, gardening, nature More information: (this can be very useful): Retired, living in Ashburton, driver

Rachel Stewart

Offer: Outings Other types of help:: Activities with men women and children. Donations, welcoming, anything we can really More information: (this can be very useful): My partner and I and would like to help in any way we can.  I work full time for a book company and can get some children’s books in English … More Rachel Stewart

Jago Rackham

Offering: food support, gardening, anything helpful Contact: 07788261939 jagorackham@gmail.com


Offering:  Activities with women Bowen therapy,  Gardening,  Cooking Contact:  01647432101 / tiankalouli@yahoo.co.uk

Sarah Massey

Offering:  Gardening / Nature More information:  I can offer a gentle morning of gardening together at our peaceful home by the river, following by a simple vegetarian lunch on Fridays or some Saturday’s. Conversation , friendship and observing nature and the seasons.  Please contact me by email in the first instance. Contact: sarah@clarendonheath.com

Ruth Melbourne

Offering: Gardening / Nature craft activities walks More information:  I am relatively new to gardening and am enjoying finding out what I can grow well in my garden in Dartington (I am growing both vegetables and flowers.) If you would like to help me or grow some things of your own you are very welcome. … More Ruth Melbourne

Barry Reeves

Offering: Gardening / Nature exploring local initiatives outings managing/ handling bureacracy More information:  Practical help with renovating accommodation etc, progress chasing Contact:  07799603265 / barry@barryreeves.co.uk

Pauline Hastings

Offering: Accommodation for 2/3 Home welcomes & support hospitality Befriending Activities with women & children Childcare Destitution relief donation coordination & delivery driving fundraising gardening/nature home welcomes location exploration outings temporary housing  wellbeing and resilience  More information:  We are a mature married couple, teacher and retired educational psychologist, CRB , Central Totnes, offering any support … More Pauline Hastings

Mags Gainsborough

Offering: Home welcomes & support hospitality gardening/nature, activities with children/women, cross cultural dialogues and exploration More information: I’m a Fifty yr old mother of 3 (19, 10, 6 yr old) I have joined CitizenUK, and I have Syrian friends. Contact: 07549450215 / magpg@btinternet.com

Marion Baker

Offering:  Home welcomes & support hospitality  Meals.  Befriending.  English language tuition (although I’m not qualified),  gardening and nature,  local exploration and walks. Contact:  07762709652 / mbh8789@gmail.com

Paula Graham

Offering:  Outings language home visits Gardening/nature More information:   I am willing to show a family around , take them shopping or whatever I can do. Contact:  01803 782549 / paula.graham1945@gmail.com

Judith Kuri

Offering: Gardening / Nature Driving accompanying to appointments More information:  I am keen to follow up the gardening project we discussed at the Round Table at Dartington 26 Oct. Gardening as a tool for healing. I have volunteered for a short period at Devon & Cornwall Refugee Support in Plymouth. Contact:  07999758219 /  jcoskery@yahoo.co.uk

Anne Albrechtsen

Offering: Activities with children Befriending Vulnerable support Fund raising Cross-cultural explorations Driving Food Walks Art More information: I have many transferable skills and very keen on welcoming and supporting asylum seekers/ refugees Have many years experience with vulnerable children and vulnerable adults. ( Including medical knowledge/ working with social services and other Health Care workers) … More Anne Albrechtsen

Liz Meadows

Offering:  Well-being & Resilience Gardening  music  therapy workshops  fundraising advice outdoor activities More information:  Can link to Trees for Health Agroforestry project at Beeson for outdoor volunteering opportunities working on the land Fundraising advice Music and singing Therapy/bodywork/healing Workshops in the outdoors, including sensory and crafts etc Contact:  07787 332904 / lizmeadows@rocketmail.com

Monica Nelson

Offering: Gardening / Nature befriending More information:  I have many years of experience working with women and children escaping domestic and neighbour violence in a womens aid refuge. I am a trained person centered counsellor,. At present I work for Action for Children as a respite foster carer. I am an enthusiastic community gardener and … More Monica Nelson

Cathy Day

Offering:  Outings Decorating,  driving,  gardening/nature,  activities with families or just children. More information: I have 7 years’ experience of giving ‘nature’ holidays to deprived Birmingham city children of 3-9 years. I have an allotment and would be interested in sharing the experience of working with the soil, seeds, plants etc. with those who would like … More Cathy Day


Offering:  Donation co-ordination and/or delivery Garden/Nature  More information: I’m joining on behalf of a group of volunteers living as a community in Embercombe, a land-based education charity. (www.embercombe.org) We can potentially offer to pick up a group of people from a nearby point – Exeter or Totnes for example, to join us every Wednesday for … More Embercombe

Sky Chapman

Offering: Venue availability;  gardening; nature More information:  Edenrise Retreat venue, gardening mornings and social lunch (Thursdays) Out in Nature Contact :  07542 845065 / g_s_chapman@hotmail.com