Roland Hague

Offering: Invitations to explore local initiatives English language tuition and conversation More information: I am learning Arabic and I am a qualified English teacher (CELTA). I lead a social gardening project called the Land Projects Network (and the Squash Co-operative), We take volunteers out on to various land projects around South Devon on Wednesday afternoons … More Roland Hague

Pauline Hastings

Offering: Accommodation for 2/3 Home welcomes & support hospitality Befriending Activities with women & children Childcare Destitution relief donation coordination & delivery driving fundraising gardening/nature home welcomes location exploration outings temporary housing  wellbeing and resilience  More information:  We are a mature married couple, teacher and retired educational psychologist, CRB , Central Totnes, offering any support … More Pauline Hastings

Alexandra James-Gets

Offering: Teaching English, Maths.  Cross cultural dialogues,  social events,  befriending.  Orientation to new culture, where to find the things you need! More information:  I am a secondary maths, drama and english teacher with a degree in Linguistics.  I can help with English language learning, and use this as a vehicle to find new friends within … More Alexandra James-Gets

Daisy Adams

Offering:  Home welcomes & support hospitality Driving Volunteering at workshops/events Location exploration,  Fundraising and awareness support accommodation,   researching More information:  I live in North Molton with my husband and parents but we have a spare bed.  I work in exeter. Contact:  07816592685 /