Paul Newton

Your Email: Type of help you can offer:: OTHER Other types of help:: Photography, cameraman, filmmaker Advertisements

Kevin Mattholie

Your Name: kevin mattholie Your Email: Type of help you can offer:: OTHER Other types of help:: More information: (this can be very useful): I am looking into setting up a refugee/asylum seeker support group on the Rame Peninsula [near Torpoint]; and seeing what I can learn from Totnes

Lise Platt

Your Name: Lise Platt Your Email: Type of help you can offer:: Activities with children Other types of help:: artistic,linguistic , anything , really … More information: (this can be very useful): I am a trained and very experienced teacher ,and have also taught english to foreign students..but i am willing to get involved … More Lise Platt

Kim Ward

Type of help you can offer: Collaborative researching More information: (this can be very useful): I’m a social scientist working at Plymouth University but living in Totnes. I’d be happy to share my research expertise to co-produce research with beyondborders if you need/want any small-scale social research conducted. Your Email:

Martin Bjerregaard

Offering: Offer of work experience More information:  Disaster Waste Recovery is a small non-for-profit organisation that provides support to commuinities affected by disasters and conflicts around the world, currently Syria, Yemen, Nigeria, Nepal, Bangladesh and Jordan. We can offer to provide work to relevant skilled asylum seekers and refugees within our projects, working from our … More Martin Bjerregaard


Offering: Cooking Accommodation More information: Offering teaching to cook in the restaurant ( central in bovey tracey) and helping get to know  with the area  etc. May able to accomadate(depands on the time ) Contact: 07779111104 /

Jade Ward & Ian Loader

Offering: Welcoming Xmas DJ party More information: We are vinyl-only DJs who play Mod, Soul & Ska music (1960’s-1980’s). Although we appreciate many of these refugees may not know the music we play, people have fun at our events. We own our own sound and lighting equipment. We would like to play music and host … More Jade Ward & Ian Loader

 John Paige

Offering: Get foxhole ready More information:   I heard yesterday that foxhole might be used as a base or refugees. I used to work at foxhole with Marina Rodriguez( who still lives in Totnes) who was escaped from Franco and was given refuge in foxhole . She worked there for most of her life and was … More  John Paige

Alexandra James-Gets

Offering: Teaching English, Maths.  Cross cultural dialogues,  social events,  befriending.  Orientation to new culture, where to find the things you need! More information:  I am a secondary maths, drama and english teacher with a degree in Linguistics.  I can help with English language learning, and use this as a vehicle to find new friends within … More Alexandra James-Gets

Judith Kuri

Offering: Gardening / Nature Driving accompanying to appointments More information:  I am keen to follow up the gardening project we discussed at the Round Table at Dartington 26 Oct. Gardening as a tool for healing. I have volunteered for a short period at Devon & Cornwall Refugee Support in Plymouth. Contact:  07999758219 /

Chrissie Eckersley

Offering: Outings Befriending Activities with women / children All other types of help More information: I have just returned from 2 weeks in Turkey helping with refugee support in Bodrum to homeless refugees who have nothing. I have been really moved by this experience & intend to return regularly to help. I would really like … More Chrissie Eckersley

Julia Katarina

Offering: Music More information:  I sing Arabic songs and play oud and cello, I also speak the language and have taught music to refugees in Palestine for nearly 4 years and worked on teacher training programs there. I’ve also performed in a camp in Germany and in fundraising concerts in London and am in the … More Julia Katarina

James Unsworth

Offering: Acupuncture Body work Other help as needed More information:  Body work, acupuncture (classical Chinese acupuncture, Five Element acupuncture, Traditional Chinese acupuncture) and tui-na (Chinese remedial massage/sports massage) 15 years in practice with 13 years teaching in the field Outreach work running clinics in Myanmar, Sri Lanka (including clinics post tsunami), India Current clinics running … More James Unsworth

Fraser Nute

Offering:  Destitution relief Support with debt and poverty family and children support More information: As Centre Manager of South Hams CAP centre (Christians Against Poverty) we can offer support and advice to people struggling with debt and poverty. As one of the pastors of Totnes United Free church we could mobilise many people from the … More Fraser Nute

Polly Nute

Offering: Home welcomes & support hospitality Youth collaboration More information: As a trained listener/spiritual companion, hospitality – family activity in Totnes United Free Church Community ; the church as gathering place for tea and talking. Contact:  0787 6552883 /

John Green

Offering: Totnes and District council refugee planning More information: I’m the new District Councillor and I am eager to find ways for South Hams Council to support and facilitate the arrival of refugees to Totnes and the South Hams. Contact:

Elizabeth Wintle

Offering: Local practical support occasionally. Information activities Contact:  01803 762544 /

Peter Oswald

Offering:  Workshops  Lobbying for resettlement locally More information: A Citizens UK group, which will be visited by a facilitator to hold a workshop about lobbying the council to resettle more (or some) refugees. Please join us The Totnes Citizens UK group is holding a workshop in Ashprington Village Hall on Tuesday 10th November, in the … More Peter Oswald

Chris Bird

Offering: Can help in any way needed – but also have some writing skills if needed Contact:  07929454409 /

Alex Marsh

Offering: Radio documentary More information: I would like to make a radio documentary about the refugee crisis focusing on what we can do and are doing in Totnes and surrounding areas to help them. It would feature interviews, stories, maybe some music and soundscapes. I am a volunteer producer / presenter on Soundart radio so … More Alex Marsh