Anna Chrystie

Your Name: Anna Chrystie Your Email: Type of help you can offer:: Outings Other types of help:: Walk, language help, women’s groups Advertisements

Rachel Stewart

Offer: Outings Other types of help:: Activities with men women and children. Donations, welcoming, anything we can really More information: (this can be very useful): My partner and I and would like to help in any way we can.  I work full time for a book company and can get some children’s books in English … More Rachel Stewart

Lauren Watson

Contact: Type of help you can offer:: Home welcomes & support hospitality Other types of help:: Physiotherapy, outings More information: (this can be very useful): My Husband and I are both keen to get involved,  and can offer local walks, meals, potential overnight stays. I am a physiotherapist   and would be interested in offering … More Lauren Watson

Daniella Golden

Type of help you can offer:: Workshops Other types of help:: Open to a lot! More information: (this can be very useful): My name is Daniella and I am currently a student at the University of Kent. I have a lot of skills I think I could contribute and would love to share them with … More Daniella Golden

Victoria Trow

Type of help you can offer:: Donation co-ordination and/or delivery Other types of help:: I’m happy to do anything useful on an ad hoc basis, driving/delivery, meeting & greeting. More information: (this can be very useful): skills I have: EFL teacher, French language speaker, and a very bad potter. I would be very happy to … More Victoria Trow

Charlotte Smith

Offer: therapeutic treatment Local explorations; home welcomes and support hospitality; language learning; driving More information:: We are a local family who would like to help if we can. We have worked and travelled abroad, including in the Middle East , so have some insight into being a stranger in a strange land,. Between us we … More Charlotte Smith

Jane Lopresti

Offer: cross-cultural dialogues and explorations. English language tuition, befriending, outings. Contact:

Nicola Renovich

Offer: Therapeutic treatment I am a practicing Acupuncturist working at The Haven Health Clinic in Ashburton. Happy to offer free treatment to refugees / asylum seekers. I’d also love to run women’s groups and would focus activities around their interests. I have a venue at The Haven in Ashburton. Happy to take people on outings … More Nicola Renovich

Trish King

Offering:  Outings Administrative  befriending research home welcomes and hospitality one to one English language help,  More information: I’ve supported and lived with refugees and asylum seekers in community support situations for the past 25 years, including living in Croatia and Central America, I worked for the Refugee Council, and have working experience with adults with … More Trish King

Ruth Melbourne

Offering: Gardening / Nature craft activities walks More information:  I am relatively new to gardening and am enjoying finding out what I can grow well in my garden in Dartington (I am growing both vegetables and flowers.) If you would like to help me or grow some things of your own you are very welcome. … More Ruth Melbourne


Offering: Home welcomes & support hospitality Some Admin support, driving, befriending,  outings, setting up basics More information: I work full time so my time is limited but I am happy to do what I can which is helpful. Contact: 07779003431 /

Su Budge

Offering:  Home welcomes & support hospitality Driving Befriending Outings More information:  I am a local sculptor based in Dartmouth. I have a 13 year old son with whom I enjoy discovering South Hams. I enjoy driving, have a large vehicle that can comfortably carry 5. I will soon be part of the Dartington SPACE programme … More Su Budge

Barry Reeves

Offering: Gardening / Nature exploring local initiatives outings managing/ handling bureacracy More information:  Practical help with renovating accommodation etc, progress chasing Contact:  07799603265 /

Pauline Hastings

Offering: Accommodation for 2/3 Home welcomes & support hospitality Befriending Activities with women & children Childcare Destitution relief donation coordination & delivery driving fundraising gardening/nature home welcomes location exploration outings temporary housing  wellbeing and resilience  More information:  We are a mature married couple, teacher and retired educational psychologist, CRB , Central Totnes, offering any support … More Pauline Hastings

Marion Baker

Offering:  Home welcomes & support hospitality  Meals.  Befriending.  English language tuition (although I’m not qualified),  gardening and nature,  local exploration and walks. Contact:  07762709652 /

Paula Graham

Offering:  Outings language home visits Gardening/nature More information:   I am willing to show a family around , take them shopping or whatever I can do. Contact:  01803 782549 /

Ros Langdon

Offering: Outings Counselling More information:  I am a retired psychotherapist of over 30 years duration. Contact:  01803 863727 /

Chrissie Eckersley

Offering: Outings Befriending Activities with women / children All other types of help More information: I have just returned from 2 weeks in Turkey helping with refugee support in Bodrum to homeless refugees who have nothing. I have been really moved by this experience & intend to return regularly to help. I would really like … More Chrissie Eckersley

Anne Albrechtsen

Offering: Activities with children Befriending Vulnerable support Fund raising Cross-cultural explorations Driving Food Walks Art More information: I have many transferable skills and very keen on welcoming and supporting asylum seekers/ refugees Have many years experience with vulnerable children and vulnerable adults. ( Including medical knowledge/ working with social services and other Health Care workers) … More Anne Albrechtsen