News & Events of 2019

50 Shades of Red

arsn film night



Saturday 5th January 10am – 4pm
Sunday 6th January 11.30am – 4pm

St Mary & St George Catholic Church, Totnes TQ9 5HW

There was no room in Bethlehem and they stayed in a stable.

Today we are welcoming strangers to our country, people fleeing war, famine and destitution, seeking a new start. Come and help make welcome boxes for men, women and children. Bring basic needed items to include – if you had nothing, what would you appreciate receiving? Write a message or note to include in the box.

During the crib festival shoe boxes will be available in the church.
We ask you to bring something to put in- for men, women or children. 

Some will be “welcome boxes” for refugees when they arrive in Devon, distributed by the Red Cross.

Some of the boxes will go to Open Hearts Open Borders to be transported to a refugee camp at Lesvos in Greece and distributed through a Family Centre.

PAST News & Events

a sample selection of activities from the past year for you to get the flavour of the different kinds of initiatives undertaken and possibilities for involvement….

BBTD Dec 8-1


Opening Meeting

for anyone working with, or having worked with
Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the UK or abroad

26th November 2018, 6 – 8pm

Angel Gallery, South Street, Totnes TQ9 5DZ

Do you have experiences…joys, griefs, frustrations, successes…
that you would value sharing with others?
Would you welcome meeting together, speaking, listening,
maybe finding support and ways forward? 
Hilary Bee and Debbie Horton, from BBT&D, are offering to create/hold the space for this to happen.  

If interested please email


“HUMAN FLOW” a film by Ai Weiwei
14th November 2018 at 8pm Totnes Cinema, High St., Totnes

This stunning film was highly acclaimed at the Venice Film festival. Ai Weiwei travels the globe to make sense of the current refugee crisis in this survey of a world in trouble. The film’s message is that only when we learn to coexist within the shared resources of the planet do we have any hope for surviving as a species. Ai Weiwei  captures the shocking breadth of the global migration crisis, portraying the plight of today’s 65 million displaced individuals forced out of  their homes by war, famine and  climate change on long, treacherous journeys in search of new lives.

This film is part of TTT Film Festival, 13/11 – 18/11/18.
For booking and full programme CLICK HERE.

Playback_Power Of Anger -print

Outings away from the city…
People from the BBT network are making kind individual offers to take a few people from the Plymouth refugee communities on day ‘outings’ to countryside or sea. This is an ongoing initiative. Contact  if you would like to join in.

Some books to explore have been added to the FAQ page here FAQ

What Makes Your Heart Sing

The Island of All Together – conversations on Lesvos

The Island of All Together

Every summer many European tourists visit the island of Lesvos for a holiday.

In 2015 and 2016 thousands of refugees crossed the sea from Turkey and arrived on the island as well, looking for a safe haven in the European Union.

Filmmakers Philip Brink and Marieke van der Velden invited tourists and refugees to talk one another about life while sitting on a little bench overlooking the sea. The result is a short documentary of 23 minutes with conversations of war, fleeing, home, work, love, but also cars and pets.

Join us at the Dartmouth Inn upstairs on Tuesday May 22nd  8.00pm

to watch this film followed by cafe-style discussion.

Entry by donation.

Proceeds for Beyond Borders Totnes and Dartington

Photo of Welcome Boxes at Plymouth Red Cross this year – generous contributions gathered via Totnes Quaker, churches and Beyond Borders Totnes and Dartington networks.


Spring 2018, Dartington Hall refugee support, helped by people from the BBT network bringing lunch, welcomed for a second time the Plymouth Red Cross Women refugees’ group to a day outing, workshop and walk at Schumacher College and Dartington gardens.

Thanks to all who have responded across 2017 and 2018 to a range of call-outs for specific donations of items needed by refugee and asylum-seeking individuals and families. Lists of needed items will continue to be circulated as info reaches us about the need.


Looking Back Further

Events, activities and initiatives since the start can be found on the Events of 2018Events of 2017, Events of 2016 and Events of 2015 pages.