Welcome Boxes and Food Boxes

Welcome Boxes for asylum-seekers newly arriving in Plymouth.

When an asylum seeker arrives in Plymouth, the Red Cross gives them a Welcome Box, to help them get started in their new life. These are made by local volunteers, and delivered by the Red Cross. Note: there are many more men arriving as asylum seekers in Plymouth than women.

Here is how to assemble a Welcome Box.

Make us a Shoe-box of:
Toiletries, including toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, deodorant.
(Sanitary towels in women’s boxes).

Other items sometimes added are:

Scarves, hats and gloves
Energy biscuits
Dried fruit
Teabags, hot chocolate powder
Jam, peanut butter
Pens, pencils and notebook

NEW T-shirts (male or female)

Plus a card or note with a warm welcome message!

When your box is ready, please email us at info@beyondborderstotnes.org.uk.

How to assemble FOODBOXES for asylum seekers and refugees in Plymouth

Thank you for wanting to assemble a foodbox of non-perishable food items – which will be so keenly welcomed in households of asylum seekers in Plymouth. The boxes will accompany bags of fresh organic vegetables donated by Riverford farm, via Food in Community, and packed and delivered by Beyond Borders volunteers.

Please make your box a self-contained box we can deliver directly to a household (not bulk buys of items that need repacking.)

You might like to collaborate with neighbours and friends to assemble food boxes (or bags of food) between you.

If you find you can commit to offering a box a regular intervals, that would be very welcome; alternatively smaller, specific contributions to boxes if you prefer not to make up a whole box.

A food box contents should be all non-perishable food, no meat; plus any daily-use items to take pressure off their limited funds.

Suggestions of things to include (not of all of them expected in any one box):

Pasta, rice
Olive Oil
Tinned tomatoes, tomato sauces
Tomato paste
Tins of different beans or dried beans
Tins of fruit
Tins of soup (vegetable kinds)
Packet soups
Tins of fish
Raisins, dates
Nuts, seeds
Instant coffee, hot drinking chocolate, regular tea, herb tea
Energy bars, biscuits
Jams, chocolate spread, honey
Chocolate or sweet treats

When your box is ready, please email us at info@beyondborderstotnes.org.uk.