For information on Donating Support or Hosting Ukrainian People, click here for our dedicated Ukraine response page.

Beyond Borders Totnes & District is a network that enables local people to lend support to local asylum seekers and refugees at this daunting time. Established in 2015 during the Syrian crisis, most of our volunteers are in Totnes and the surrounding areas. The majority of the refugees and asylum seekers we serve are in Plymouth.

Plymouth is a Home Office ‘dispersal’ city, where asylum seekers and refugees are allocated temporary accommodation while their applications are processed – this can take years. BBT&D have been able to channel a range of local support through official Plymouth refugee and asylum seeker organisations and to some individuals.

Through local events and initiatives, we build awareness about the realities asylum seekers and refugees face. Please read carefully our GUIDELINES section to deepen understanding of asylum seekers’ and refugees’ needs.

This website provides a hub of links and information about local refugee support initiatives. You can link in actively by registering here with your contact details – and list particular ways you can and want to offer support. Once on the list, we will send you a regular newsletter about our activities; we will also contact you with specific requests for help, as they arise, to see if you can assist on that occasion.

We collaborate with South Brent and Ashburton Refugee Support initiatives – and others actively engaged with refugees. We stay in contact with the British Red Cross, Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support, Plymouth Hope, Mount Gould Hospital Refugee team in Plymouth, as well as Refugee Support Devon in Exeter. Information about these organisations can be found on the CONTACT page of this website.

Contact:  info@beyondborderstotnes.org.uk

Website imagery: Le Grand van Gough, bronze sculpture by Bruno Catalano