The Beyond Borders Totnes & District website has been created to enable communication between local people interested to offer a variety of one-off, sustained, ambitious or low-key local initiatives in support of asylum seekers and refugees in the south of Devon. The BBT&D group has established this hub of possibilities in co-ordination with, and with advice from people working in established refugee services in Plymouth and Exeter.

In response to the concern and energy alive among many of us desiring to contribute support to refugees and asylum seekers at this daunting time, the website provides a point of co-ordination of information about local initiatives. It is also, importantly, a place you can signal your willingness to link in actively. You can list particular ways you can and want to offer support, help, or could collaborate on projects that need specific practical input and ideas for involving, in daily life here, refugees and asylum seekers awaiting status decisions.  Your offer to help and contact details will be under password control and only visible to other registered volunteers on this website.

We urge you to read carefully the guidance section on the website that helps understanding asylum seekers and refugees’ needs and realities – see under GUIDELINES.

Once you are on the ‘list’ of willing supporters, we will send you a newsletter email about once a month about related activities in the area (please send us any related information you want circulated) – and we will also contact you with specific requests for support, as and when they arise, to see if you might be available to link in on that occasion.

We also hope that people on the list might propose specific offers of support, link with each other to bring them into being – and we can help bridge the ideas on into refugee networks.


Beyond Borders Totnes and District is part of the South Devon Refugee Support Network (SDRSN), which includes the Dartington Hall Trust (Social Justice/ refugee) and Integr8UK project – and other refugee support initiatives in the area. We are also in contact with the British Red Cross, Devon and Cornwall Refugee service and other agencies offering services to refugees and asylum-seekers in Plymouth, as well as Refugee Support Devon [Exeter].

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Website imagery: Le Grand van Gough, bronze sculpture by Bruno Catalano