During the COVID-19 crisisit is those people with the least resources who are among those hit the hardest.

We have been able to make donations from our funds to Plymouth Red Cross Refugee Service, Devon & Cornwall Refugee Society and Plymouth Hope. You will see from their responses below, how much this has meant to them. Week after week, people continue to need support through these unprecedented times.

We are now appealing to you to ask you to help us continue this support. We are asking you to help wherever possible. Every amount helps, from £1 to £100. The money you donate will go directly to help local Asylum Seekers and Refugees through these organisations.

Please scroll down to read about how they are responding to the crisis. Beneath that you will find our bank account details.

Thank you for your help.
Love Chris, Debbie, Hilary, Jill and Wendy


Refugees and asylum seekers locally are facing destitution, hunger and ill-health during the COVID-19 crisis as their already tenuous support networks struggle to adapt. New asylum seekers were continuing to arrive in Plymouth right up to the lock down, and then going straight into isolation before finding their way round places and systems.BBT&D have been partnering with charities in Plymouth since our inception, and have been in communication with Plymouth Red Cross, DCRS and Plymouth Hope since the lockdown. Each are doing their utmost to provide for their service users while following government guidelines. Here are some of their responses to the current crisis:

Plymouth Red Cross maternity support scheme for pregnant women, single mothers and women with new-born babies. Some of the women have no friends, no social network and do not know their way around the city or have no language skills to access support over the phone. Some have no access to phones or TV for connection, support and news. This scheme supports women with babies less than two months old who came to Plymouth just before the lock down. These women are unable to do bulk food shopping due to not having enough cash and also fear exposing their newborns. For those who can attempt online shopping, deliveries are almost impossible to secure. This scheme is to cover those gaps by providing essential and much needed support during this crisis.

Plymouth Red Cross food parcels and cash scheme meeting a destitution crisis for those left in limbo. The scheme supports the most vulnerable individuals and families who are struggling financially and without enough food during Covid-19. This support includes asylum seekers and refugees referred from different agencies as well as requests from service users directly. The support includes cash, food parcels, mobile top-ups, toiletries.

Plymouth HOPE is helping their communities have access to the latest information from the government and the NHS and be aware of local services in Plymouth that might support them through this difficult time. A key issue is that many do not have mobile phones and if they do there is an issue with access to the internet. Any support with technology (second hand phones, old but still workable laptops) or funding for WiFi and data would be very welcome.

Devon & Cornwall Refugee Support is providing cash and vouchers to destitute refugees and asylum seekers, including those who would normally receive food boxes and restaurant vouchers.



We have already donated to these three organisations from existing funds. We are seeking to help them continue their dedicated efforts week after week to provide food, information and connectivity to refugees and asylum seekers in Plymouth. Are you able to help? All money you donate will be divided between these three charities – we retain nothing for administration (and never have done).

We know that this is a time of widespread hardship, with difficulty paying bills and buying essentials. Please know that even £1 buys a can of soup, and makes a difference by providing a meal.

Please give what you can!

Here are our bank details
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If you prefer to pay by cheque, please email us on info@beyondborderstotnes.org.uk

Beyond Borders Totnes and District
is part of the South Devon Refugee Support Network (SDRSN), which includes the Dartington Hall Trust (Social Justice/ refugee) and Integr8UK project – and other refugee support initiatives in the area. We are also in contact with the British Red Cross, Devon and Cornwall Refugee service and other agencies offering services to refugees and asylum-seekers in Plymouth, as well as Refugee Support Devon [Exeter].

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