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To offer help, professional services or other support to asylum seekers and refugees in South Devon, please complete the form below.

For ideas of ways to help, see our HOW YOU CAN HELP page.

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Our moderator will review your entry and add your details to the LISTINGS PAGE.  Once that is complete you will be sent a password to access your own and other volunteers’ pages.

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A message from our team:


So glad you have decided to link in and register your offers of / interest in helping!

We just want to clarify – this hub is a place of contact, connection where people with similar ideas, hopes, interests or projects can more easily locate others on the same wavelength of interest or experience. So either you may be contacted by others exploring an idea or initiating a project, to see if you might help, collaborate OR you can explore your own idea and find others who might be interested to join you to develop it. We are setting up a word search that can help you locate overlapping interests, projects – or you can browse the website where we have brainstormed possible ideas (and welcome others to add to the inspiration list).

The next stage, when your idea has taken root locally, would be discussing the idea with people in the refugee support services, to see if there are asylum seekers and refugees interested to link in would be the next step. And taking the planning from there!

Projects and ideas can be low key, small numbers, informal – don’t have to be over ambitious – just well grounded and laced with kindness and clear organisation! Ideas that bring refugees and asylum seekers into local people contact and involve some form of equality-based collaboration, activities, exchanges are so welcome. And all ages or cross-generational ideas can be welcome.

It will be important to have some kind of orientation briefing about approaching collaborations with asylum seekers and refugees – and we will have that up on the website soon.

Money for funding new initiatives is sometimes offered to BBT, contact for support with fund-raising for a new project if needed.

If for any reason you would like to change, or even remove your details from this website, simply email us at – our web administrators will update or remove your listing as soon as possible.

Email us to post related events, via – check out any news or happenings on our News and Events page.

The website is being managed by volunteers in spare time – so we don’t ‘manage’ ideas – we are just supporting the connections amongst people in our communities.